Couple’s Therapy Conference: Innovating Relationships

Carolyn Daitch is presenting at "Innovating Relationship"

Are you interested in doing couple's therapy? Are you already doing couples' therapy but are not satisfied with your results? Our Innovating Relationships Conference is still available and can be accessed now. Give your couple's therapy skills and boost and be inspired!!

The conference has an all star-cast of presenters including Bill O'Hanlon, Ellyn Bader, Carolyn Daitch, Lilian Borges Zeig, Rob McNeilly.

Take a look? Innovating Relationships Conference

Brief Trauma Solutions: Trauma and Abuse Counseling Conference

Ryan Nagy, Conference Organizer
Conferences Organizer, Ryan Nagy
Hi everyone - Just a quick note. Last week, we launched our fourth online psychotherapy conference Brief Solutions For Trauma. This is a wonderful conference if you are new to doing trauma work, or if you want a "tune up" from some of the masters in the field. All of our presenters have been doing effective trauma work for decades and focus on brief trauma solutions. Or line-up includes Bill O'Hanlon, Maggie Phillips, Yvonne Dolan, Gordon Young and Rob McNeilly.

Will you take a moment and see if this conference is something that will interest you?

Brief Solutions for Trauma

As a reminder,

1) The conference presentations are all audio and you can listen to them wherever and however you want. For example, you can download and listen on your computer, iPod or other audio player.

2) You can attend the conference at anytime, you do not need to be there on a specific day or time. The presentations are available 24/7.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns? We are a small company (there are just two of us!) and emails go directly to both of us, so we do listen.

Hope to "see" you at the conference:

- Ryan Nagy

- Rob McNeilly

Psychotherapy Conferences: Online Psychotherapy Conferences in 2011

Just a quick update for those of you who are new to us and are looking for some online conferences for your learning and for possible CE/CME points. We have two online conferences that have launched this year: Innovations in Treating Depression which features Michael Yapko, Bill O'Hanlon and our own Robert McNeilly, with myself, Ryan Nagy moderating the panel discussion. The conference has been very well-received and has many practical tips and strategies that you can put to use immediately. It is eligible for a variety of CE/CME and CEU's in the United States. If you live elsewhere, you can likely submit the certificate for credit. We are currently looking into Australian certification.

Our Innovations in Treating Anxiety has also launched, with participants attending from all over the world, including the U.S., U.K., Australia, New Zealand and Holland, to name a few. We have four presenters on that conference with two panel discussions. It is also eligible for continuing education points in the U.S.

Check out the conferences, and feel free to let us know if you have any questions:

Innovations in Treating Depression

Innovations in Treating Anxiety

cheers! - Ryan Nagy and Rob McNeilly.

Simple Steps for Expanding Your Psychotherapy Practice Online

Ryan Nagy
Ryan Nagy, M.A.
This free audio presentation, Simple Steps for Expanding Your Income and Practice Online is from one of the founders of Psychotherapy Conferences, Ryan Nagy.

In this power-packed 30-min audio presentation Ryan is going to share with you some simple but crucial strategies for finding and reaching out to clients who need and are already looking for your services, including:

*How to easily find and research profitable therapy "niches"

*How to specifically reach clients online who want what you offer (cheaply and easily).

*Some simples steps to get a top Google ranking.

Includes a list of free internet marketing bonuses and guides.

Ryan Nagy is former University Instructor and Autism researcher who fell in love with the power of the internet and blogging to make connections, spread ideas and empower people to better their lives. He is is one of the top technology coaches in the psychotherapy and health arenas and has clients throughout the world.

Free Mp3: “Depression is Contagious!” by Michael Yapko

Michael Yapko
Michael Yapko
The third free audio from Online Psychotherapy Conferences is called:

"Depression is Contagious! How Our Relationships Can Serve as the Cause of or the Solution to Overcoming Depression."

Created by Michael Yapko and based on his popular self-help "Depression is Contagious! This presention offers sensible and practical approaches to managing depression based on the latest research. Research that shows us that depression is more of a social problem than a medical illness.

To get the presentation, sign up for our free newsletter. Dr. Yapko's presentation is the second free audio and you will get it within the first week:

Depression Conference Launched…

Our second online conference was launched earlier this month: Innovations In Treating Depression. Presenter's are Michael Yapko, Bill O'Hanlon and Rob McNeilly with a moderated panel discussion by Ryan Nagy. We have nearly 100 attendees already with more joining everyday. Here are some comments from two recent attendees:

"What a great conference! The panel discussion was a nice addition to the interesting, useful and diverse individual presentations and 'extras'. I was able to begin to make some subtle but important changes in my work with clients as a result of the information and the extra inspiration from the conference." Shawn Criswell, LPC, Tualatin, Oregon

"Thank you, I found this very useful and informative. If you decide to do any more of this type of seminar, please add me to your mailing list? " Kathleen Loy RN, RM, C.Ht., Sydney, Australia.

Interested in learning more? Take a look. CE's available: Innovations In Treating Depression.

Free Psychotherapy Conference Presentations

Stephen LanktonWe've published and posted our first free conference presentation. This one from Stephen R. Lankton, MSW, DAHB. It's called "Getting the client on a healthy path and giving the client tools to stay on that path."

The talk is available free for subscriber's of our newsletter. Subscribing to the newsletter will also get you new free talks as they become available. The next scheduled talk is "Depression is Contagious! How Our Relationships Can Serve as the Cause of or the Solution to Overcoming Depression." Based on his popular self-help book of the same name, Michael offers sensible and practical approaches to managing depression based on the latest research. Research that shows us that depression is more of a social problem than a medical illness.

A link to Dr. Yapko's talk will arrive in your inbox will arrive about four days after you receive Stephen Lankton's: