Brief Trauma Solutions: Trauma and Abuse Counseling Conference

Ryan Nagy, Conference Organizer
Conferences Organizer, Ryan Nagy
Hi everyone - Just a quick note. Last week, we launched our fourth online psychotherapy conference Brief Solutions For Trauma. This is a wonderful conference if you are new to doing trauma work, or if you want a "tune up" from some of the masters in the field. All of our presenters have been doing effective trauma work for decades and focus on brief trauma solutions. Or line-up includes Bill O'Hanlon, Maggie Phillips, Yvonne Dolan, Gordon Young and Rob McNeilly.

Will you take a moment and see if this conference is something that will interest you?

Brief Solutions for Trauma

As a reminder,

1) The conference presentations are all audio and you can listen to them wherever and however you want. For example, you can download and listen on your computer, iPod or other audio player.

2) You can attend the conference at anytime, you do not need to be there on a specific day or time. The presentations are available 24/7.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns? We are a small company (there are just two of us!) and emails go directly to both of us, so we do listen.

Hope to "see" you at the conference:

- Ryan Nagy

- Rob McNeilly

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