(Free Audio) Connecting To Body And World

The video introduction to an 8-minute session that you can do (and share with your clients, transcript included) to stop rumination, reset your focus and connect to yourself and environment.

Intro: Body Mind Environment Connection

The Session: Body And World Orientation

Though Irene calls this session "Body And World Orientation," I, Ryan Nagy call it "De-Hypnosis" and use it to help me break out of my internet trance and connect to my body and the external world so I that I can chill out, relax and move onto the next part of my day.

If you will do the process several times over the next 24 hours or so, I guarantee it will make a positive difference in your life and mood.

Click below to play. Best with Headphones or Speakers

You can also download a copy for offline use: Basic Body/World Orientation

And here is the transcript: Download Session Transcript.

The lesson is a sample from Irene's 21-Day Nervous System Tune Up and something that I use everyday and reccommend highly.

If you have ever been fascinated by, or attended any of the recent "brain science in therapy" courses that have gone around, Irene's course is a simple, powerful, step-by-step program to help you put brain science principles into practice in your life and that of your clients.

The course has short guided-exercises and videos to help you:

- de-stress,
- re-orient and relax after challenging sessions
- heal from the effects of long ago traumas
- sleep better
- and more

If you want more details, just click to check it out.


Ryan C. Nagy, MA
Director, Online Psychotherapy Conferences


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