Dr. Carolyn Daitch: Anxiety With Co-Morbid ADHD

Or download: Dr. Carolyn Daitch: Anxiety With Co-Morbid ADHD

Dr. Carolyn Daitch
This workshop, which you can listen to free (and also download) by clicking the link above, is from one of our first online conferences. The topic was - as you might have guessed - Solutions For Anxiety.

In this session, Dr. Daitch presents a comprehensive treatment model that you can use starting from your very first session with an anxious client. And it provides you with techniques you can teach your clients to reduce the cognitive, behavioral, and physiological symptoms present with comorbid ADHD and anxiety disorders.

You will learn the similarities and differences of anxiety disorders and ADHD and gain a set of treatment goals for comorbid anxiety and ADHD that you can put to use immediately. You will be able to explore the value of using hypnosis as an adjunctive therapeutic modality in the treatment of anxiety and ADHD and learn a simple, effective hypnotic protocol that is easy to learn, easy to tech and that will help make life better for your clients. Enjoy!

You can visit Dr Daich online here: http://carolyndaitchphd.com/

Book Give Away

For those of you reading this before April 25th, 2017. To celebrate the one year anniversary of Carolyn's most recent book's publication, W.W. Norton is holding a book giveaway. Now through April 25th, you can enter to win a FREE copy of The Road to Calm Workbook. The workbook offers quick, practical solutions to help manage runaway emotions, and even comes with an audio CD of interventions recorded by Dr. Daitch. Click here https://confirmsubscription.com/h/y/AA442AA9EA33FCB6 to fill out the online contest submission form today.


  1. Thank you for the posting of Carolyn’s workshop. I am writing a journal article re. my recent longitudinal research study of ADHD and comorbids utilizing Clinical Hypnosis with 14 individuals presented at 2016 SCEH Scientific Conference in Boston. I am looking forward to listening to Carol’s presentation!

    1. Thanks Maureen – It sounds like an interesting study. When it is published, be sure to let us know, perhaps I can do a short blog post on it and post about it on the Psych Confs. FB page.


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