Easy Hypnosis: A Fail Safe Method

A very short and gentle experience of Ericksonian hynosis by Rob McNeilly one of Milton H. Erickson's direct students. Enjoy!

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Rob has created a system for demystifying and simplifying hypnosis so that you can integrate it into your practice and use it with your clients. The session above offers the idea that we can ask a client to continue doing whatever they are doing - then become more focused and absorbed - then ratify the observable changes and define the experience as hypnotic and useful. When you do this, the question of whether someone is “hypnotizable” or not becomes irrelevant. You simply focus on what they are already able to and since they are already doing it, it is fail safe.

That being said, not everyone will find that useful (your mileage may vary) but Rob invites you to play with it as a way of getting used to the experience of being unconcerned about any person's ability to be hypnotised, and focus instead on enhancing any aspect of their experience which will be helpful to them.

Here is the link if you want to learn more about Rob's Easy Hypnosis Program:



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