Easy Self-Hypnosis: Free Hypnosis Session with Rob McNeilly

Rob McNeilly
Rob McNeilly

Self-Hypnosis Audio

Welcome. We hope you enjoy the very brief self-hypnosis session audio below by Rob McNeilly using principles of Ericksonian Hypnosis. Rob studied directly with Milton H. Erickson.

The session will only take about 6 minutes, you can download a copy to keep if you would like and you can also download the transcript.

We view hypnosis as an experience that we can help another person to begin to explore. Rather than "putting someone" into trance or trying to change them or influence them, we invite them to begin to focus and become absorbed in something. We wonder what changes may occur, what insights might come, what memories might usefully appear on their own, what resources might become available.

So when it comes to the self-hypnosis you will encounter in the audio and transcription below, you may find a way of assisting yourself to go into hypnosis. To not "instruct yourself" to do this or not do that, to feel this but not that, to be stronger or more comfortable or more relaxed. But rather, following Milton Erickson’s lead, you may be curious as to how you can get into that absorbed state, that focused state...to begin to wonder...to be curious...to be open to what might come from within yourself, what might come up in your awareness...and notice how you might be able to make use of your hypnotic experiences....

Click the triangle below to play:

Download a copy to keep: Self-Hypnosis Audio by Rob McNeilly.

Here is the session transcript in pdf form: Self Hypnosis Transcript

How was this experience for you? Could you leave a comment and let us know?

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  1. Many thanks Rob,
    I read your book, ‘Healing the Whole Person’ and saw a few video recordings of demonstrations and believe your approach to be very powerful in terms of what is left out.
    This sample of Ericksonian hypnosis is excellent, totally permissive, totally non-directive and, for me, extremely effective.
    Many thanks.
    George Owen

    1. Thanks for your comments, George. Gestalt people tell us “It takes on the know one” so thanks for highlighting what i regard as the core element of Ericksonian hypnosis, and effective therapy in general.

  2. Thank you Rob,
    loved it! “Just continue ..” I think it’s great!
    It fits my surge for various ways of creating self-efficacy for my depressed clients.
    It inspires me, thanks!

  3. Thank you Rob. The simplicity of your interpretation of Ericksonian Hypnosis is refreshing and I found the self hypnosis session very useful.

    1. Thank YOU Kerry. I like to find a simple beginning and then do my best to keep it simple. I notice that the more attention I give to the client’s response, the simpler my taks becomes.

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