Free Pat Ogden Webinar Coming Up Soon.

Here is the video that I mentioned regarding Pat Odgden's upcoming webinar. It is part of a series on Recovering From Trauma. I respect Pat's focus on non-pathologizing language. And as a Feldenkrais Practitioner and Ericksonian, I deeply appreciate her respect for process-based language and body experience. The full length webinar is free if you register ahead of time and attend “live.” You can also pay if you would rather download the video (and audio version) and get transcripts and such.

Again, to hear Dr. Ogden’s talk please click the link below and find the line and grey box on the page that reads: Register here for the Wednesday broadcasts only. Free of Charge. Feel free to forward this blog post or post on social media if you know of others who will benefit. Psychotherapy Ponferences does get an affiliate fee for each paid registration.


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