Free Psychotherapy Conference Presentations

Stephen LanktonWe've published and posted our first free conference presentation. This one from Stephen R. Lankton, MSW, DAHB. It's called "Getting the client on a healthy path and giving the client tools to stay on that path."

The talk is available free for subscriber's of our newsletter. Subscribing to the newsletter will also get you new free talks as they become available. The next scheduled talk is "Depression is Contagious! How Our Relationships Can Serve as the Cause of or the Solution to Overcoming Depression." Based on his popular self-help book of the same name, Michael offers sensible and practical approaches to managing depression based on the latest research. Research that shows us that depression is more of a social problem than a medical illness.

A link to Dr. Yapko's talk will arrive in your inbox will arrive about four days after you receive Stephen Lankton's:

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