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For many of us here who use hypnosis and hypnotic techniques the findings below will not be new. But they are a great reminder for the public and could be good tools to use on your websites, Facebook business pages and the like. Enjoy! - Ryan


Consumer Reports is a well-respected publication in the United States. They give reviews on everything from cars to lawnmowers and health insurance. And while the article is not quite as strong as it could be in talking about the benefits of hypnosis, it is a very good start. It includes a brief sypnosis of some areas where the reasearch supports using a hypnotic intervention: Consumer Reports: Hypnotherapy is More Than Hype.

Hypnosis With Children (Live Science)

The article below notes that hypnosis can be good for stomach pain or anxiety in children and that, what many of us know already:

"It is much easier to get kids into a hypnotic state — to bring them away from the here and now and give them therapeutic suggestion — than it is with adults," - Olafur Palsson, clinical psychologist, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Scientists Identify Brain Areas Altered During Hypnosis

I do not have much to say about this article as my knowledge on the brain sciences is years out of date (and then add ten years to that). But I thought I would include it as I think such articles have the potential to demystify hypnosis and firmly put it for the public in the realm of scientific, explainable, phenomena. Some people like that, anyhow.

"If hypnosis is a kind of brain activity that has some special potential to help us deal with problems like pain and anxiety and stress, I think this study provides us with evidence that, indeed, there is." - David Spiegel, MD

If the link below does not work, please click here to view a pdf of the article.


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