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Welcome to Hypnosis In The Treatment of Depression.

The teleconference series with Dr. Rob McNeilly.

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Here is the replay of our first call:

And here is a link to download it: Hypnosis in the Treatment of Depression: Call 1

Here is the replay of our SECOND call:

And here is a link to download it: Hypnosis in the Treatment of Depression: Call 2.

Here is the replay of our THIRD call:

And here is a link to download it: Hypnosis in the Treatment of Depression: Call 3.

Here is the replay of our FOURTH call:

And here is a link to download it: Hypnosis in the Treatment of Depression: Call 4.

You should have received and email with instructions for the calls. If you do not see it, please check your "spam" or "bulk" folder.

We have also included instructions below. We will post the downloads of each call here and you can post any questions you have below. Questions about the course will be answered by Ryan and questions about the content by Rob.

Call in Information

To join the calls. You can call any of the numbers below from a regular phone or from Skype and then type the access code: 179089

Dial-in Number:

United States: (605) 562-3131
Canada (605) 562-3115
Australia 61 (0) 3 8672 0100
U.K. 44 (0) 330 606 0520
Spain 34 911 19 67 50

If you need another country number let us know and we
will send you one.

Just dial the closest number for you and then the code 179089.

The calls will be recorded, but live participation is welcomed and encouraged if you can come.

Call Dates

First Call Weds August 6th, 4pm Pacific, 5 pm Mountain, 6 pm Central, 7 pm Eastern and then Wednesdays, August 20th, September 3rd and September 17th at the same time.

For those of you in Australia, the calls will be Thursdays at 9 am (Sydney Time) August 7th , August 21st, September 4th and September 18th.

Use this link to discover the call time/date in your time zone
if you don't see your area listed.


Bonus Presentations: Available now!

Rob McNeilly

"Looking Past Depression: Seeing and Healing The Whole Person."

Get to know Rob and his approach now. This audio has some lovely examples of individualized treatment of depression with gentle, respectful and powerful strategies. A great resource to return to over and over again. 

Download: Treating the Whole Person

Dr. Michael Yapko, PhD Psychology

"Do you want pills or do you want skills? Learn Why Psychotherapy Is Better than Antidepressants And How You Can Have Amazing Outcomes Without The Side Effects of Drugs."



Download: Pills or Skills?

Just Added! Full Video: Using Hypnosis To Work With Depression

Click the link below to download the video: Download Depression Video.


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  2. Message “Sorry there was an issue with playback”. Will it be possible to download this tape to iTunes and have it play with out the screen going black and the message appearing?

    1. Hi Arden. My apologies. The the link is working on my end, on both my laptop and iPhone. Can you tell me what system you are using and we can figure out what is going on? I will also send the link to you via email. Again, sorry that it is not working on your computer.


      1. oops! Sorry, now I understand. You were talking about the video download. You can click this link and then find the “download button:

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