iPhone Apps for Anxiety?

It looks as if the academic community is starting to take note of the ever-rising use of iPhones and iPhone apps for people who report symptoms such as feelings of anxiety and depression. Though the research is still in its infancy, I thought it would be useful to cite some online resources here. Kertz, MacLaren- Kelly and Stevens recently reviewed iPhone apps for anxiety to see if the apps included evidenced-based CBT interventions. They found that most (perhaps not surprisingly) did not. There are treatments for anxiety, such as hypnosis. It would be quite interesting to see if any of the apps included self-hypnosis or other hypnotic strategies for anxiety.

The Psychology Department of the University of Stocholm recently wrote about an app for Social Anxiety Disorder. But I was unable to find the app nor download it. I did find an app developed in conjunction with the Psychology Dept of UWE Bristol (United Kingdom). It looks promising, but it kept crashing my very old iPhone 4 and I was not able to test it.

I would be interested to hear from any practitioners who are using or integrating smartphone apps or other technology into their therapy and who have ideas on the topic.


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