Are you in the business of changing lives?

changing-lives When I first started using the internet to promote my work and my ideas, I was a graduate student in developmental psychology and was doing everything for the love of my work and a strong desire to reach more people and have an impact. I started a podcast on the work of a famous healer and over the years I reached tens of thousands of people in dozens of countries. It was amazing. I got tons of positive feedback and "kudos" and to this day, I STILL get emails from people thanking me for the work that I did and that I do.

But helping people is not always enough.

Changing_lives_Ante_post_natalI had a huge problem. Though I had became very well-known in my niche, when I left grad school, the "positive regard" of my peers did not pay my bills (Imagine that!).

I was in a bind. I wanted to continue reaching people and helping people but I did not know how to get paid for what I was doing. To be honest, this phase of my life really sucked. I was working hard, promoting myself and the work that I loved, but for the most part other people were making money from what I was doing. I spent many years trying all kinds of things to make a living with my online work. I sold mp3's of my Feldenkrais sessions, I did coaching with psychotherapists, psychologists and Feldenkrais practitioners of all kinds, I built websites and blogs for people. I even took on some "corporate" clients and helped them organize their websites to reach more people and to sell more.

The problem was, some of it was not very emotionally satisfying - especially the corporate work and the building of websites. That is NOT what I was put on this planet to do. And I felt like I had taken a wrong turn somewhere. At times, I felt like I had "sold out." It is a crappy, horrible feeling, believe me. I wanted to create and sell my own stuff and ONLY promote the work of those that I was personally connected to and that I believed in. But it was proving hard to do.

Doing What You Love And Getting Paid.

So...using my grad school skills and google skills and a hell of a lot of chutzpah and desire, I began finding people who were doing what I wanted to do - making a living online, doing what they loved. I found people who had done it well and ethically and who were willing to teach me. Ruth Buczynksi from NICABM was one, Bill O'Hanlon was another (Bill and I ended up teaching several workshops together. And there are many others out there.

I will likely be promoting some products and services on how to get your work and yourself "out there" and how to make a bigger impact. It can be a hard thing to wrap our brains around for us "therapist types" but it is SO important if we are to make a difference.

I hope you are doing great out there.


Ryan Nagy

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