Practical Neuroscience For Psychotherapists and Clinicians: A Webcast

Would you like better ways to use neuroscience in your psychotherapy practice? And "to activate your clients brain for change"?

Take a look at the event below by C. ALEXANDER SIMPKINS, Ph.D. & ANNELLEN M. SIMPKINS, Ph.D. psychologists who specialize in neuroscience, psychotherapy, meditation and hypnosis. This is not a Psychotherapy Conferences event, but an event by PESI. the Simpkins have presented at several of our events and we highly recommend their work. Click the link below for more information.

WEBCAST FOR NEUROSCIENCE FOR CLINICIANS: Practical Neuroscience For Clinicians

When: SEPTEMBER 27, 2013, 8AM-4PM (also available as CD and DVD)

CE Credits available for psychologists, social workers, addiction counselors and other professionals.

Webcast for "Neuroscience for Clinicians: Brain Change for Stress, Anxiety, Trauma, Moods, and Substance Abuse." The workshop teaches what you need to know to understand the new brain science and use it in your practice. You will learn brain basics, experience your brain in action, learn how psychological problems affect the nervous system, and how different treatments change the brain in specific and nonspecific ways. You will learn techniques to activate the brain for change! The workshop is experiential and instructive--we make neuroscience fun! And you can have it all right from your own home, either participating in the webcast or as a DVD! Please click on the link to get a brochure and additional information!

For more information about the Simpkins and their cutting-edge books, products and workshops, go to Radiant Dolphin Press.

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