Refocusing on Hypnosis: Psychotherapy and Hypnosis

Earlier this month, I spent two days in Hilton Head, South Carolina in an internet marketing mastermind meeting led by Dr. Ruth Buczynski of NICABM. Also in attendance were Bill O'Hanlon, M.S., Michelle Wiener-Davis M.S.W., (of Divorce Busting Fame) Dr. Norm Shealy, Diane Poole Heller PhD, Ashely Davis Bush, LICSW and myself, Ryan C. Nagy M.A..

The event was wonderful in so many ways. Not only was it great to catch up with some friends and learn new ideas for doing online events. But it also gave me a chance to think about my various online businesses, including this one.

One massive take away from the event and one that Rob and I had already discussed: A return to focusing on Ericksonian hypnosis. Focus helps creates success. Hypnosis is what truly motivates us Rob and I and soon 100% of our new conferences and online events are going to have Ericksonian hypnosis in the forefront. I hope you will join us and will find it useful.

Here is to a prosperous new year for all.

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