Rubin Battino: Pauses, Poetry, and Passion

Rubin Battino, MS, PhD
Clients tend to pick and run with an idea or suggestion that matches their unique lives and needs. If we talk all of the time, then they have no time for processing these new ideas. Generally, novice therapists and hypnotherapists talk too much! It is important to put many pauses in what you are saying so that the client can explore and expand upon particular nuggets that they are hearing.

In addition to "pauses," in the audio presentation below Rubin discusses poetry and passion and their relation to pyschotherapy. This was a much loved and much enjoyed presentation from one of our past conferences on Ericksonian approaches. We hope you enjoy it!

You can download a copy to keep by clicking here.

Rubin originally trained as a chemist and later went back to school to get an MS in counseling. Find out more about him here: He has authored and co-authored several books on Ericksonian approaches. Many of them are available on Amazon.

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