Simple Steps for Expanding Your Psychotherapy Practice Online

Ryan Nagy
Ryan Nagy, M.A.
This free audio presentation, Simple Steps for Expanding Your Income and Practice Online is from one of the founders of Psychotherapy Conferences, Ryan Nagy.

In this power-packed 30-min audio presentation Ryan is going to share with you some simple but crucial strategies for finding and reaching out to clients who need and are already looking for your services, including:

*How to easily find and research profitable therapy "niches"

*How to specifically reach clients online who want what you offer (cheaply and easily).

*Some simples steps to get a top Google ranking.

Includes a list of free internet marketing bonuses and guides.

Ryan Nagy is former University Instructor and Autism researcher who fell in love with the power of the internet and blogging to make connections, spread ideas and empower people to better their lives. He is is one of the top technology coaches in the psychotherapy and health arenas and has clients throughout the world.

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