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Online Psychotherapy Conferences: Who Are We?

When Rob McNeilly and I (Ryan Nagy) got together and started collaborating on online projects we were not actually trying to build a business. Rob had a small project that he needed some help on and I was able to provide some tech help to him. Afterwards, one us (I do not remember who) had the idea of pullling together our skills and doing an online conference on solutions for people suffering from depression. That conference was a success. We were very happy. And then we started doing more online conferences. Our goal then - as now - was to find ways to talk about and do projects that will help make therapists, coaches and practitioners of all kinds better and more effective at their work. Rob and I are both fans of Milton Erickson and his work. Rob knows many people in that field and related fields. And bit-by-bit we started doing more and more projects until we realized one day that we had created a going business.

Our decision process on what conferences and products to create is very informal. Rob has themes that he wants to explore. I have themes that I want to explore. And out conference attendees have needs and questions that they ask about... and every few months we choose one, contact friends and colleagues and make it happen.

So far, we have had over 7600 people in our various conferences and the registrations increase every year. We hope you will join us for the next one.