Anxiety: Self-Hypnosis

Here you are. A short self-hypnosis session by Rob McNeilly on solutions for anxiety, including a free transcript and download of the session. Play and experiment with the ideas and use in a way that is useful to you and your clients.

A fun strategy to play with is to take a hypnosis transcript, record it in your own voice and play it back for yourself. It can be a wonderful way to get hypnotic language and ideas into your behavior.

Click here to download the audio for later use: Download the audio.

Click to download the transcript. (Ever notice how transcript also sounds like "trance script?")


  1. Hi Norma, This isn’t a script for anxiety, it’s the transcript of Rob’s presentation. Different thing.

  2. I agree. And there is a back story which is that Erickson did in fact spend a great deal of time writing out scripts. He reported often writing out an entire hypnotic induction before seeing certain clients. And then after writing out that induction, he would write it out again but the second time try to make it half as long. Then he would do it again and try to get the induction down shorter – to a page – to paragraph – even to just a single line.

    So…yes, as we know he did not sit down and read a script. But he played quite a deal with scripts before hand and he had plenty of lines that he could use at will, without thinking (at least consciously) and that left him free to be fully present with the client and “riff” or ad lib as necessary.

    I am reminded of something that Steven Gilligan, a direct student Erickson’s who said in a workshop that about a third of what he (Stephen) used in a session was boilerplate, techniques or strategies that he already know, a second third was riffs, or variations on a theme and the third “third” came from “who knows where.” (I am quoting Steve from my memory, I do no remember his exact words, just the ideas.)



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