Hypnosis In The Treatment of Depression

Using Ericksonian Hypnosis to Rapidly Heal Depression


Dear Fellow Therapist,

"I will work with you to dramatically increase your effectiveness in working with your clients who are "depressed." Here's how: In a series of intimate, live teleseminar calls (recorded, if you cannot make them live) I will teach my strategies and techniques for working with "depressed" clients in ways that are simple and effective. You will have the opportunity to get your questions answered on depression and also to discuss specific client cases that you might have. Find resources with even your most "stuck" and resigned client and become dramatically more comfortable and competent in working with depression. By the time you're done, you will be able to take on the really "tough" cases. Perhaps some day other therapists will refer their toughest clients to you?"

Dr. Rob McNeilly

Join us for this one-of-a-kind teleseminar series with Dr. Rob McNeilly - a direct student of Milton H. Erickson who has been using and teaching his approach internationally for 35 years. His students comment on his easy, respectful manner and his elegant ability to make complex issues approachable while retaining their essence.

Dramatically increase your effectiveness with your clients labeled "depressed," get detailed feedback and consultation on your most difficult cases. And do so in a comfortable, safe and interactive environment where you can get your questions answered personally.

You will learn strategies from the field of hypnosis, positive psychology and brief therapy: Practical, strategic approaches that can make an immediate impact in your client work and results.

Here is just a small sample of what you will learn as you work with Rob in the teleconference series, interact with him, and get your questions answered:

- learn how to quickly get past the most common sticking points that many depressed clients have.

- learn powerful ways to create expectancy with your clients (a big one, of course as so many of our clients need help to see that change is possible)

- make sure that you can work with depressed clients without getting depressed yourself (a big concern for some of us deeply empathetic folks).

- many ways to find resources even with your most "stuck" clients - and for yourself when you feel stuck.

- to make changes QUICKLY with your clients so that they see a difference and finish treatment

Plus these important features:

- case consultation and feedback. During each call there will be a feedback portion where you can get your questions answered from Rob and have discussion and feedback on your most difficult cases.

- access to an online space where you can discuss the course materials, any additional questions that you have about depression, your cases and any clarification that you may want or need from the calls.

The Process

Each teleseminar will be "live" with Rob and there will be time where you can ask him whatever questions that you have (if you would like). You will dial in via a local number with your phone or skype and enter a code to connect to the call. The calls will also be recorded so that you can review them later or if you cannot make them live.

The Schedule

Again, we encourage live participation if you can make the call, but all calls will be recorded if you cannot make one.

First Call Weds August 6th, 4 p.m. Pacific, 5 p.m. Mountain, 6 p.m. Central, 7 p.m. Eastern ( and then every two weeks on Wednesday: Weds August 20th, Wed September 3rd and Wed September 17th.

For those of you in Australia, the calls will be Thursdays at 9 am (Sydney Time) August 7th , August 21st, September 4th and September 18th.

Use this link to discover the call time/date in your time zone
if you don't see your area listed.


The Cost

The cost for this 4-call series is $157 and includes downloads of all the calls and all the bonuses noted at the end of the page. Click directly below to register:

Buy Now

After you register you will receive an email with simple instructions to attend the calls. Call in via Skype or phone. It is VERY easy to attend. Local numbers available all over the world.

100% Guaranteed

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As always, we stand behind what we create and sell and offer an UNCONDITIONAL refund policy. If you are not completely satisfied with your download, for any reason, contact us for a full-refund.

Security of Your Purchase and Data

You can use either a major credit card or Paypal to complete your purchase. Your information is encrypted using state-of-the-art Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to protect your information from interception and hacking. No one has access to your Credit Card number or other financial information except the payment processor.


The Bonus Audio And Video Presentations: Available Immediately After You Register

Dr. Michael Yapko, PhD Psychology

Skill or Pills: What Psychotherapy Does Better Than Anti-Depressants.

Do you want pills or do you want skills? Learn Why Psychotherapy Is Better than Antidepressants For Depression And How You Can Have Amazing Outcomes Without The Side Effects of Drugs.

This 66-minute presentation is stunning in it's depth and simplicity about the research case for psychotherapy in the treatment of depression. Many therapists have been empowered by this presentation by Dr. Yapko to fully connect with their potential and potency of their profession. A must hear!

Dr. Rob McNeilly

"Looking Past Depression: Seeing and Healing The Whole Person."

Get to know Rob and his approach now. This audio has some lovely examples of individualized treatment of depression with gentle, respectful and powerful strategies. An important resource to return to over and over again in your journey into mastery.

Case Study Video Just Added: Using Ericksonian Hypnosis In The Treatment of Deprssion

A full demonstration session, including arm levitation and other hypnotic phenomena.


  1. I want to enrol , saw the option to pay later but that option seems not to be available in Australia? Is that correct?…. Is there an option to pay in 2 or 3 payments?… as it is just too much for me to manage in one go… (off work on sick leave atm)
    I have worked with Robert before and he knows me and might even vouch for my genuineness .. cheers Mia

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